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September 30-October 9th, 2016

Join us on a 10-day journey of a lifetime to Machu Picchu and Peru’s Sacred Valley where you will leave the past behind and emerge with more light, peace and strength to fulfill your life’s purpose.
Hailed for its breathtaking beauty and architectural brilliance as “One of the Seven Wonders of the World”, Machu Picchu, and the surrounding areas, are also deeply sacred spiritual sites.

The full-immersion experience is undoubtedly life changing. We will create a safe and sacred environment for each participant to follow the call of their soul and go to the depths and heights of their being. You will be supported by spiritual teachers Crystelle and Bethany, as well as Incan shamans, the vibration of the Sacred Valley and the spiritual sites we will visit and meditate at, and the very Earth herself!

ALL AGES AND ABILITIES WELCOME! No previous yoga experience necessary.
Retreat Includes:
  • In-country flight from Lima to Cusco
  • All ground transportation
  • 9 nights accommodations
  • Private bilingual guide service
  • 2 locally grown organic vegetarian meals per day 
  • Sunrise meditation at Machu Picchu
  • Temple of the Moon meditation at Machu Picchu
  • Hike a portion of the Inca Trail
  • Participate in a sweatlodge ceremony at Ollantaytmabo
  • Kundalini & Naam Yoga classes in the magnificent Andes mountains and sacred sites
  • Numerous shamanic ceremonies at powerful spiritual sites such as Moray and Ollantaytmabo
  • Spiritual guides, shamans and Qeros
  • Spend a morning serving in a school for the local indigenous children
  • Explore the city of Cusco.
  • 10% of all profits are donated to affiliate Peruvian nonprofit, PASKAY.
Retreat does not include:
  • Airfare from your city to Lima, Peru.
  • 1 meal per day
  • departure taxes from Lima to the Home country
  • tips for the staff in the restaurants and hotels
  • tips for our guides, Shamans and bus driver, etc.
Immerse in the mystical, ancient traditions of Kundalini Yoga, Naam Yoga and Shamanism while drawing the life-force of raw nature and the Andes mountains deep into your cells. Led by Crystelle Brown ( and Bethany Joy (
  • EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $2,995 paid in full by May 15th, 2016
  • $3,395 when paid by September 1st, 2016
*$600 non-refundable deposit required. 3.5% credit card processing fee. No refunds of any amount issued after 8/19/16.
For more information contact Bethany at:
Phone: 615.772.3528

*This is a general schedule and is subject to change.

DAY 1, Friday 9/30
Arrive at the airport of Lima, Peru.

Chose to relax at the hotel or explore the capital city of Lima on your own, depending on what time you chose to arrive. We will be staying at the charming, 4 star Hostel el Patio. Come together for an evening meditation and sharing Circle at the hotel. Overnight in Lima with the group.

DAY 2, Saturday 10/1:
Flight from Lima to the city of Cusco. 
From Cusco we will travel to the Sacred Valley and settle into our hotel in the Sacred Valley.

While in the Sacred Valley we will be staying in Las Casitas del Arco Iris, beautiful bungalows situated in a breathtaking natural environment.  
Each bungalow is equipped with a luxury bathroom and an open fireplace. Our food will come from the hotel's organic gardens, which also attract many hummingbirds, swallows, larks and butterflies. 

This truly unique accommodation is in the heart of the Sacred Inca Valley, surrounded by the powerful Andes Mountains and in the bed of the sacred Vilcanota river, which makes this region one of the most fertile in Cusco.

"We are travelers who opt for 3 to 5 star accommodation when on holiday and this truly fits the bill! …The rooms are cabins (only 8-10 in total) are situated within about an acre of vegetation, with the backdrop of mountains. The rooms are all made from a combination of solid stone and wood. Our room (and I am told most rooms), approximately 18 feet by 18 feet offer a full Stone Fireplace, as well as a sizable bathroom finished with good taste." -

We will close the day with a Shamanic Welcome Fire Ceremony at the hotel to release any individual negative resonances into the fire, harmonize the group and prepare for our journey together!

DAY 3, Sunday 10/2 
We will spend the morning "in the Earth's Womb" at archaeological and sacred site MORAY.  Here, in the very womb of the Earth, we will partake in Kundalini Yoga and meditation as well as experience a Despacho ceremony performed by an authentic Q´ero shaman.  Moray is an archaeological site with concentric agricultural terraces, some as deep as 150 meters and considered to be a place where the Incas grew large variety of crops. 

In the Andean tradition, important beginnings very often involve a ceremony called a Despacho. In its purest form, a Despacho ceremony is an expression of love and gratitude and will initiate the beginning of our time spent in the Sacred Valley. In a Despacho ceremony, a beautiful prayer bundle is assembled as an offering to the Earth, the Apus (mountain spirits,) the stars, the waters. You are welcome to bring a personal item to offer to Pachamama (Mother Earth) as part of the ceremony.

The Despacho is an act of love and gratitude that heals us by restoring the connections we share with all helping beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places. As the finished despacho is buried within the earth, burnt in sacred flames, or otherwise offered, its energy is released. In its transmutation, dark, disorganized energy is consumed by Pachamama while simultaneously, light, healing  energy  is released to the spirits of the Sacred mountains and to all corners of the Universe. 

Our time in Moray will be followed by hike through the SALT MINES, or "Las Salineras", which are fascinating salt flats that are derived from the flow of a naturally salinated river creek emerging from within the mountain. These visually stunning mines predate the Incas by hundred, if not thousands of years. This was an unexpected highlight of our last trip in 2014!

We will close the evening with a meditation and sharing Circle dedicated to Pachamama (Mother Earth) which will deeply and lovingly connect us to each other and the Source we were created from. Overnight in Las Casitas del Arco Iris.

DAY 4, Monday 10/3

We will start our day with Naam Yoga and Meditation, continuing to deeply honor and give thanks to this Sacred place on the Earth, for hosting us, healing us and empowering us. Yoga will be followed by a fresh, organic meal from our hotel's garden.

After breakfast we will spend the morning with the native children of Rumira and Tastayoc. We have been graciously invited by the teacher of the local school to spend time with the children, as well as teach some yoga techniques to her and her staff. Here are some photos of the children we will visit, taken this past December during their holiday celebration. Rumira is a community here in the Patacancha Valley, in the Cusco region.  Most of the houses are mud brick with straw thatch roofs and the women continue to wear the traditional dress.  

Rumira is home to many families who have migrated down from the exceedingly high mountain communities. These families descend from the mountains to look for schools for their children's education, and better work opportunities for themselves. However, these families have great difficulty finding work as 98% of them are unable to read or write, and most only speak Quechua. Not only that, but due to the fact they have moved down out of the High Mountains, they no longer are able to grow food like they once did, nor can they afford to buy in the market places or eateries. This community has the highest ranking of child malnutrition in the area.

Look at the mountains!

Carlos Gibaja and school girl

Carlos Gibaja, who will be our local guide throughout the trip, is from this region and helps run the nonprofit group PASKAY, which works with these children. 10% of your cost of the trip is donated to Paskay. Paskay is a Quechua word which means "to free yourself physically and spiritually". The organization aims to help people to help themselves through providing education, training and work opportunities as well as health and nutrition initiatives. Like most communities in dire conditions, alcoholism is a big issue in Rumira. When the men, although some women too, start to feel like there is little or no hope they turn to alcohol made from paint-thinner and/or domestic abuse, and everyone suffers. The following programs are a way to give hope, self esteem and the chance to break free from limitations and create a new way of life. Click HERE to read about some of the programs Paskay is doing with the community of Rumira, as well as in others.

We will spend the afternoon at the sacred site of OLLANTAYTAMBO, and participate in a Eucalyptus Sweat Lodge.

Ollantaytambo is one of the most mysterious and fascinating structures on Earth. A great portion of the structure was built by the Inca, but older sections date to at least 12,000 years before the Inca (see photo above). The ancient advanced technologies used to construct the temple are a marvel to modern scientist and engineers.

The energy at Ollantaytambo is strong, mysterious and palpable. Here we will spend the afternoon exploring, learning and meditating with our Shaman.

We will close the day with a traditional Sweat Lodge infused with medicinal eucalyptus plants to deeply and gently clean the body, mind and spirit.

DAY 5, Tuesday 10/4

Day 5 is a free day where participants may chose to relax/shop/explore in the local town of Ollantaytambo, etc. We will all enjoy a morning of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and relaxation at this mysterious site 
nestled in the Andes mountains.
We will also participate in the beauty and intimacy of Circle to process and share our experiences thus far. 

An optional plant medicine ceremony will be available to participants this night. Ayahuasca is a "teacher" plant used to assist us in our personal growth and evolution. It is said that one Ayahuasca ceremony can be equivalent to 10 years of traditional therapy. Contact Bethany or Crystelle for more details. Overnight in Ollantaytambo.

DAY 6, Wednesday 10/5

After breakfast we will take the train from the town of Ollantaytamboto to the town of Aguas Calientes (literally "hot waters" or "hot springs"), which sits at the base of the mountain that leads to Machu Picchu. Once settled into our hotel we will have time to explore Aguas Calientes.

Machu Picchu  is a 15th-century Inca site located 7,970 ft. above sea levelThe Incas built the estate around 1450, but abandoned it a century later at the time of the Spanish Conquest. Although known locally, it was unknown to the outside world before being brought to international attention in 1911 by the American historian Hiram BinghamSince the site was not known to the Spanish during their conquest, it is highly significant as a relatively intact cultural site. Machu Picchu was declared a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary in 1981 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. In 2007, Machu Picchu was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in a worldwide Internet poll. (Wikipedia)

Sunrise at Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is considered one of the "Sacred Places" on Earth by shamans and spiritual masters alike. 
The materials of Machu Picchu are composed of approximately 40% quartz crystal, and literally shine in the full moon, which is why the locals call it "The Crystal City". The location of this sacred site is important as it is located within concentric circles of mountains, and around its base flows the waters of the Wilkamayu River that eventually flows into the Amazon River. In the Andean shamanic tradition, water is a great purifying force. Machu Picchu was constructed in complete harmony with the physical and cyclical aspects of nature. 

"The most important spirit in the Andes is the Apus or the mountains. The Apus represent the Hanac Pacha or the upper sphere and act as antennae to other dimensions. There is an inner and outer ring of mountains which act as guardians and create a power circle with Machu Picchu at the centre. Each of these mountains has special properties and energies. To those who come with a clear and pure intent these ancient mountains will open up and share their energetic powers with you." -Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine 

Overnight in Aguas Calientes, where you may choose to bathe in the natural hot springs. We will close the evening with Circle to continue to process and share our experiences, challenges and awakenings.

DAY 7, Thursday 10/6

We will awake very early and ride to Machu Picchu to watch the sun rise, to experience its raw beauty while bowing to the rising Sun!   This time of day is when Machu Picchu is free of most tourists, and many travelers express this experience as the most magical sight of their lives. After our yoga and meditation
, you will have the option to hike a portion of the Inca Trail to the Sun Gate or relax and soak in the scenery. 

During the afternoon we will partake in a Shamanic ceremony in this "Crystal City" to liberate from our fears and our past. Here you will LEAVE YOUR PAST BEHIND and emerge with more strength and grace to fulfill your life's purpose! Be prepared to descend from this mountain a different person! 

Train to Cusco. Overnight in Cusco.

DAY 8, Friday 10/7 

Morning Naam Yoga and Meditation. Explore the City of Cusco.

Cusco is considered the oldest continuously inhabited city in the western hemisphere and is of major historical importance. Cusco was more than just a capital city to the Incas and the millions of subjects in their realm. It was a Holy City, a place of pilgrimage with as much importance to the Quechuas as Mecca has to the Muslims. Every ranking citizen of the empire tried to visit Cusco once in his lifetime; to have done so increased his stature wherever he might travel.

According to Inca myth, the Sun sent his son, Manco Capac, and the Moon sent her daughter, Mama Ocllo, to spread culture and enlightenment throughout the dark, barbaric lands. They emerged from the waters of Lake Titicaca and began their journey in search of the place where they would form their kingdom. When they reached the present-day Cusco, Manco plunged his golden staff into the ground in order to test its suitability, and it duly sank deep into the fertile land. This was the sign they were looking for to choose the capital of their empire. They named the spot Cusco - meaning 'navel of the earth'. Thus was the significance of Cusco and the Sacred Valley established for many hundreds of years to come.

Cusco is still laid out much as it was in Inca times. The Incas conceived their capital in the shape of a puma with the river serving as the spine, Sacsayhuaman the head and the main city centre the body. Almost every central street has remains of Inca walls, arches and doorways. Many streets are lined with Inca stonework, now serving as foundations for more modern buildings. 

We will close this day with a special farewell dinner hosted by our guide, Carlos Gibaja, our Shaman and friends. Overnight in Cusco at the lovely Taypikala Hotel.

DAY 9, Saturday 10/8

After breakfast we will visit a site in Cusco overlooking the Puma city. Here we will complete our final group yoga and meditation together, giving deep thanks to our guides, as well as this precious land that has supported our personal growth and transformation.

We fly back to Lima midday. Overnight in Lima at the charming Hostel el Patio.

DAY 10, Sunday 10/9

Flight from Lima to HOME!